One of the few projects I had the privilege to work on at Cryptic Studios was "Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter". I was responsible for creation & editing of many various assets for re-use, and improvements. As well as unique from-scratch boss creatures as shown below through beauty renders. During the creation process of the shown creatures were developed within discretion & approval by "Wizards of the Coast". The time total per-asset from start-to-finish was 4 weeks total. From hi-res sculpt, low-res game mesh, uv's, textures, rigging and skin-weighting, and integration into the proprietary Cryptic Engine.

Much of my time on the project was spent integrating & editing, also re-using existing outsourced assets. Hence the lack of content available to show in the gallery below. (Some elements in certain images are credited to other artists. Though majority in each image was done by myself.)

In-engine shots +Beauty Renders + Final WIP

Modified + Reused assets for various uses

NOTE: No credit given to myself here for the content initially created. Only crediting to demonstrating the work in an MMO work environment that myself as a character artist produces on a regular basis for majority of the work assigned that went into the final game. (On this project in particular. Majority of the work was done in skin-weighting outsourced assets, and modeling adjustments on topology. Some of the content was modified by myself, but majority by other artists.)