Random pieces

Random stuff I’ve done.

Various Dragon youth excercise sculpts.

Some more Stranger progress

Added the second outfit, and base baked the both lab suit, and patient gown down for tests. Here's some wire love for shots to show.

Stranger real-time WIP

Been making headway with Eleven's game mesh for the last few days. She's in marmoset, still jumping back and fourth between Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter to see how she's turning out in Marmoset. Her eye's are helping, but still lots left to do! :)

Early morning sketch

Couldn't sleep, so I got up and made something early this morning. Enjoy!  - Original author to this concept. I forgot the name, it was based on someones concept sketch I found online.

One of the many sketches

Found an old concept from the stalker gallery I collected in the past. Sketched this one up, may make something out of it for real-time purposes in the future.

Stranger right?

Work in Progress. I would call this my third project "one of the few". Only day 2 on this one. But lots to add, adjust, and to go! Enjoy :)

One of the few (Cont.)

Another one of the 3, still doodling. Finding balance, and interest.

One of the few...

Been working on a couple projects for the last couple evenings that I've been dedicating my time to. I haven't quite figured out what to make of this one. I am improvising the whole thing with scribbles. No concepts, or references.

Trying some Marvelous

I made a jacket :)

Small Collection

Couple things I've worked on in the past month.