At Blind Squirrel Games I worked as a Senior Character Artist for various projects. Work involved creation of high and low resolution 3D models, UV’s, Texture maps using both Phong-Specular models and PBR (Metal+Roughness) workflows. In addition to these tasks, I was involved in creation of high-resolution UI images for the UI department and some basic rigging and skin-weighting of game assets after geometry modifications, and character animation with posing.

 Borderlands: Game of the Year (Remaster)

Borderlands remaster I was assigned in creating higher resolution models from initial counter-parts provided from Gearbox Software’s artists for creatures, to first person arms. Also increasing the resolution of existing textures anywhere from 256x-1k into 512x-4k resolution for both character & creature(s) to weapons, and various prop accessories. Assisted UI art department for high-res rendered versions of character & select menu, HUD & loading screens. Shots (Below) are various head variant pieces made for each of the player characters for cosmetic selections. All final content was authored and integrated into Unreal Engine 3.

Mortal Kombat: Kollection

On MKK I was responsible for in-house character asset creation and the initial per-production environment art. In-house I created high and low-resolution models, uv’s, textures, and also created our Arnold shader for skin in Autodesk Maya. I also assisted fellow artist(s) on the use of Arnold, and how to get setup, and how to use the renderer for our pipeline and art authoring while utilizing Substance Painter as our go-to texture authoring package. With this, I assisted in providing feedback to our outsource vendors for the work received. In addition to, the posing and animation of various character assets, along with high-res UI renders for portrait, vs, and stat screens for in-game mechanics. All final content was authored and integrated into Unreal Engine 4.